some help to marginalized members

some help to the war-affected and marginalized communities of Ukraine, city of Cernauti, north of Bucovina

It was a very special day for me. Having arrived in the city of Cernauti, north of Bucovina, Ukraine with sudden changes in plans, I decided to provide some help to marginalized members of the local community here as I heard that they were suffering and were in need.

Ukraine, being, a country affected by this unjustified war and atrocity the marginalized communities have been affected more. The support they used to receive has been stopped or reduced as the resources have been diverted to tackle various needs arisen due to the war.

But I was not prepared to face the tales of the enormous suffering of these people of this city and other parts of Ukraine. It was heart-wrenching to hear the stories of the people who lost everything and loved ones in this unjustifiable and ruthless act of war. What we have taken for granted in our homes has become a luxury to them.

This inhumane suffering is not tolerable and should be stopped right now. Even my small effort of organizing to feed only a couple hundred people had been received so kindly and positively by the people of this community. Their warm welcome and appreciation could not be measured in money.

I have to thank Nicolae Andriescu, Stella Fedorciuc, and her two daughters, Golunga Cornel & Golunga Lia hugely for making this effort a success. They have participated very actively and taken an active role in the event. I can only speak for myself but I am sure everyone agrees when I say we must continue to support the people of Ukraine in every way possible. No matter what you do to help, it will count along the way to bring peace and justice to the various communities of people in the cities of Ukraine.

I am just a chartered accountant and small entrepreneur but now I have decided to continue supporting the war-affected and marginalized communities of Ukraine for as long as I can.


  • 20 December, 2022
  • city of Cernauti, north of Bucovina, Ukraine


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