Partnered with B1G1, a non-profit social enterprise

Today, on the occasion of my birthday celebration,  partnered with B1G1, a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to creating a more giving world. Through this collaboration
we have made a positive impact by
providing 400 meals to those in need
granting 25,000 days of access to clean water
and supplying 400 nutritious meals to orphaned children in Thailand.


B1G1 operates on a unique model of giving that integrates giving activities into businesses’ everyday operations, resulting in a more significant social impact. The organization’s mission is to create a world full of generosity and compassion.

Furthermore, we have launched  Makesworth Foundation, a charitable organization committed to supporting communities in various areas such as poverty alleviation, clean drinking water provision, assistance for the elderly and disabled, education for children, and environmental protection. Visit to learn more about our mission and initiatives.


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  • 08 April, 2023
  • 08:00 am 05:00 pm

Makesworth Foundation

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The Makesworth Foundation has a strong charitable goal of assisting in the alleviation of poverty, in providing clean drinking water and supporting orphaned children and the elderly.



Unit 101, First Floor, Cervantes House, 5-9 Headstone Road, Harrow, HA1 1PD


We celebrate an achievement by donating. Support us and make a real impact.

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